Wednesday, April 6, 2011

EXHIBIT: GreatEclectic / "Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him" / Studio 900 / Atlanta, GA / April 14, 2011

�Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him� Opens April 14

Art Nouveau Magazine is pleased to present Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him, the debut solo exhibition by artist/designer GreatEclectic at Studio 900 in Atlanta, GA. GreatEclectic gives viewers a glimpse into his elaborate rants and musings on fame, power, money, love, the rise and the fall and our generation�s obsession with celebrity. His signature aesthetic evokes a unique combination of pop culture semiotics and art history paired with a vibrant narrative. Works in the exhibition range from mixed media collages, to drawings, paintings and photography.

Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him is arduous. It is bright. It is delusional. It is hidden in prismatic view. It is seeing roses through Reagan-colored sunglasses. It is waking up to the first Pink Friday after Sunday mourning. It is the scene sweet-tooth before and beneath the staid urban decay. It is everything in one place, in distorted focus, for no other reason than for you to see it; because we�ve been blinded by the guided light, because we need to throw shade if only to stargaze again.
The show will also feature performances by some of GreatEclectic�s favorite Atlanta indie musicians including, Rahbi, theDOLLDAZE, Micah Freeman, Ethereal, Savvy Society and Ben Carson. In conjunction with opening, the artist will release an eponymous monograph, cataloging the best of his recent works. Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him opens April 14 at Studio 900 in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta, GA.
About The Artist:
Kendrick Daye aka GREATECLECTIC is an artist and designer living and working in Atlanta, GA. His work has appeared in The NY Times Magazine, Creative Loafing, Ebony Magazine, Upscale Magazine and Art Nouveau a quarterly art and culture magazine he owns and edits. In 2009, his duo exhibition with artist Corinne Stevie �Extraordinary Machine,� was voted best art exhibit in a gallery by the readers of Creative Loafing.

Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him
One Night Only
April 14, 2011
Studio 900
900 Dekalb Ave 

8 PM -12 AM
Featuring music by Rahbi, theDOLLDAZE, Micah Freeman, Ethereal, Savvy Society and Ben Carson.
Free Entry * Free Drinks courtesy of Original Gangster | OG XO Brandy * Free Giveaways * All Art For Sale

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