Sunday, June 5, 2011

Madonna-Mechanical Remixes (Algiux's Remixed) Pt.1

Title:Mechanical Remixes Pt.1
Remixes by: Algiux's Remixed

1.To The Left To The Right (Algiux's Remixed Testing Mix) 01:17
2.Bedtime Stories (Algiux's Remixed Sorry Mix) 02:20
3.Miles Away (Algiux's Remixed Queen Rebith Mix) 02:35
4.Time Stood Still (Algiux's Remixed Solution Remix) 03:03
5.Revolver (Algiux's Remixed Club Mix) 06:12
6.Let It Will Be (Algiux's Remixed Stool Dub) 04:02
7.Drowned World (Algiux's Remixed International Love Remix) 02:46
8.Easy Ride (Algiux's Remixed Full Remix) 02:46 (ft.Black Eyed Peas)

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