Sunday, February 27, 2011

"Confessions Floor Demos"

"Confessions Floor"


01. Get Together [Bloodshy Avant 2005]
02. History [Price Demo 1 Icon Leak Excerpt]
03. How High [Demo]
04. Hung Up [Instrumental Demo]
05. Like It Or Not [Instrumental Demo]
06. Isaac [Drum-Less Version, Fanmade]
07. Keep The Trance
08. Triggering [Mirwais Demo]
09. History [Inclu�do como Lado B de "Jump"]
10. History [Land Of The Free Price Demo 2]
11. Super Pop [Inclu�do en la Versi�n ICON del �lbum]
12. Fighting Spirit [Inclu�do en la Versi�n ICON del �lbum]

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